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Joe Chamblin was born in Florida and raised in Southern Ohio where he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age 18. He served 15 years in the Marines and almost 10 of those as a Scout Sniper.  He has deployed to Albania in the Balkins and to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a handful of other countries while serving with various units during his time in the Corps.  While on his last deployment to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in 2011 his Scout Sniper platoon had a devastating toll on the enemy inflicting well over 300 casualties. This deployment is also where the now infamous video was taken. Joe was the leader and one of the Marines in the infamous "Marine Urination Video Scandal" He has now broken his silence in order to ensure his Marines' stories are told. Stories of his men's courage, sacrifice and heroism that has become unjustly over shadowed by a 39 second video. The men of 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines Scout Sniper Platoon deserve for the world to know the rest of their story.

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